Luciano and Angelo Gestri 's philosophy have always been present and influential during the growth of our company. All their efforts have been, since the origin, destinated to create a typical product but very sensitive to great international fashion precepts; fabrics with all the traditional characters of high quality and one more: the perfect combination to the new trends shown by the most famous designers.
Our production is mostly concentrated in the traditional "Woollen Cloth of PRATO" created from the finest wool, with a particular attention to new blends based on precious fibres such as cashmere, camel hair, angora, mohair and alpaca.
Riotex' s collections cover all requirements of Fall/Winter season for carded fabric, offering a large range of qualities, in various weights and handfeel, solid and fancies; mainly destinated to Ladies Fashion. 
Not to be forgotten, it's our Men's Sportswear Section, having other particular fabrics, suitable for sport jackets.
There is a never-ending research of new ideas and styles all around the year, achieved even under suggestions from our customers, to reinvent our products and improve our collection with novelties. 
That's let us be able to apply all the latest technologies available to the production cycle ; so we can also offer to clients, bonded textiles in different combinations, qualities with polyurethane and also stretch.