Flexibility is our strength!
Our small dimension have never been a limit for us or for our customers. We are expanding ourselves in an always more competitive market, growing among big companies with hundreds employees: that's because we can STILL check directly every single production step, achieving in that way an high quality standard and containing the final prices. This is our recipe to make good business and happy customers in every market touched by our agents. Our products are very well known in Canada and even in the East Coat of USA, above all by the main companies in New York. From our traditional partnership in France, Germany, United Kingdom and Holland, currently we are catching on again in the revived Hong Kong market. Since three years we have established good contacts in the emerging former Soviet Union countries, above all in Ukraine and at the same time also in Serbia and in the recently added Syrian market.
Regarding the domestic trade, the Riotex's fabric collections run through the most important styling offices; well appreciated by coat producer of Brescia, Bergamo and Milano, due to their particular "hand", by the print companies in Como, due to their technical features and by the Shoes producer in the centre of Italy, due to their versatility. It's not to be forgotten finally, the very long established partnership with the Neapolitan market